Strong, Bright, and Vibrant

When I was 15, my parents wanted to do a renovation and asked me what colour I wanted my room to be. They wanted me to choose a light, pastel pink, still seeing me as their little girl. They thought I’d choose a dark gray, or black, just knowing my personality at the time – I was going through a rock, goth phase. Or perhaps choose a neutral colour, one that will stand the tests of time and, if we ever chose to sell the house, would be palatable to the masses.

To their surprise, out of all the colour swatches I could chose from, out of all the colours they thought I’d go for, only one sample caught my eye – lime green.

When I saw it, it made me feel happy and complete. This bright and vibrant colour made me feel the way I wanted to feel everyday and so I chose it, painted my most sacred of places in it, and surrounded myself with that feeling. Regardless of what the day brought me, I always came home and found myself in my happy place. Many tears were shed in that room, many mid-night phone calls were heard by those walls, and those walls remained there – strong, bright, and vibrant – an example to myself of what I needed to be.

Now I am a 30-something and my life is undergoing a lot of changes, consider it my own personal renovation, and I need from myself to be more than just what others want from me, or be what I think I should be, or be what others in society find attractive, admirable, and acceptable. I don’t want to be light, pastel pink, dark gray or black, and I don’t want to be just neutral. I want to be happy. I want to be lime green.

Everyday onwards, I will work towards being the best version of me that I can offer to anyone and to myself. I deserve that. You do, too. I will strive to and create opportunities to be happier, healthier, stronger, brighter, and more vibrant and I hope that you will join me along my journey, and perhaps you can learn along with me with it is to fully love yourself, enjoy life, and be a partner in growing.